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Release, Realign, Recover & Discover

The fees below are for payment by cash or direct deposit. If you wish to pay by credit card an additional 1.94% will be added to the total.  Please click here to view the cancellation policy

First consultation and treatment.


Short remedial treatment through massage or Bowen therapy or a combination.


30 Minute remedial or relaxation treatment

This is not for a first remedial appointment. Great for a follow up remedial treatment for one area or short stress buster. 


Schedule of Fees

Delve Movement Sessions

Monthly Somatic Sessions for 2023 are now full.

Please contact me to register your interest for 2024.

Release, Realign, Recover & Discover

Standard remedial treatment through massage or Bowen therapy or a combination.


Long remedial treatment
(inc new client long first session)

$105 to $145

Dance-Movement Therapy


Clinical Somatics


Structural Integration

Sessions are 90-120 minutes in duration. Sometimes it is useful for us to have a brief meeting about a week before a 12-series of structural integration treatments begin, this will be done at no extra cost. At this appointment we discuss your health history, we may video you walking and if you wish this is a time for us to take pre-series photographs.  

At each appointment we have a short discussion, when we can go through any precautions pertaining to that session and gather information about your posture and movement on which we base the treatment plan. For more information about Structural Integration download the info sheet here.


Health Funds

Christie Trowers is a registered provider with major health funds. Please check prior to booking which services are covered by health funds. 

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