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Journaling - good for your mental health

I have started to write a journal, apparently it is good for mental health. It is something I have always thought would be great to do, but the trouble is I forget to do it. I will start with buying a beautiful book, with blank pages and make my first entry. I imagine fountain pen italic handwriting, but that is not the reality. In reality my handwriting is not beautiful, I am much speedier at typing and after probably no more than two entries I forget to continue. A couple of years later I find it tucked away in a box somewhere. But now with the wonders of technology I have downloaded an app called Daybook. It reminds me to write my journal and I can speak into it rather than type if I wish, which I think makes for a much more authentic entry. So, I have decided that occasionally I may share some of my journal on here. This morning I wrote in my journal because I was caught in the moment and I think this is a great place to be when writing about the moment. So here are my thoughts from this morning:

Up at 5 am with Noodle barking, but I decided to stay up and work on the next movement session. I'm sat out on the verandah right now as the air is cool. I think this is my favourite time of day, just before dawn. As I write this, dawn breaks and the bird noise starts, cockatoos screeching, and the silhouette of the hills is now clear against the light. Still no sun but he'll soon be here. But just before this there is a peacefulness that I take a moment of sanctuary in. It's a time of respite; no demands, no interference, just me and peace. It's the edge of peace because I know any minute now it's all going to change. The morning will slide from the cool, dark feminine of pre-dawn to the masculine, energetic, stark awakening of the day. Nothing can stop it but maybe tomorrow I will intentionally get out of bed and savor it more.

So there you go - short and sweet - I don't want to burden you with oversharing of the real personal stuff, but I am sure some, like me, appreciate the peace of dawn, so I thought I would share my moment.


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Release, Realign, Recover & Discover

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