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Somatics - Get to Know Yourself

My Somatics journey started in 2008 with Liz Koch. I was so affected by my experience I wrote to her, and I am pleased to say she posted my letter on her blog. I would have lost it by now, so it is there for my reminder whenever I choose. Despite my chosen career as a massage therapist, I had not encountered the term Somatics. I was still into the "I can fix you model" of my practice. Nowadays, I would much prefer to assist people in finding their own way on their healing journey, and many years later, having completed my Structural Integration Training with Anatomy Trains and a post graduate qualification in Somatics and Dance Movement Therapy I feel I am much more equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to help people do this.

Somatic sensing - a way of focusing inward to sense, learn, grow and heal. Unless you live in a bubble, we all need to heal from life's knocks, some more brutal than others. I found my way through this avenue, and it is a continuing process that I give more attention to at sometimes than others.

Dance Movement Therapy - I have never been shy about getting on a dance floor. DMT, however is about expressive movement and with the use of imagery, metaphors, and a theme to tether to, it is a contained and safe way of exploring some of the pointy and uncomfortable times or events of our lives. But it doesn't always have to be with a focus on life's challenges. For me now, it is common practice for me to go to my movement space and give myself the opportunity to mull things over through movement rather than the exhausting mind chatter that is often accompanied by anxiety.

So, if you want to get to know yourself, truly, get to know yourself, start your Somatics journey. Grab yourself a mat, find a quiet space, get yourself comfortable and begin. If you need help to get you started you can listen to one of the recordings on my website - just go to the free resources section. There are so many resources out there nowadays to help you. So, I encourage everyone to take some time, breathe and move.


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Release, Realign, Recover & Discover

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